Saturday, March 22, 2014

US Navy Overreach

The US Navy was outed for collecting Pawnshop and Parking Ticket data on all and sundry in their LinX database - sigh...

What makes it even more silly, is that this data is already in a FBI database too.  If we ignore the fact that trivial data really should not be stored, the FBI is where it should be.

A few years ago, the US Air Force had a program called TALON that was also doing domestic spying, but it was shut down after a public outcry.  It appears that nobody learned anything.

There is an ancient proverb, dating back to the age of the dinosaurs that says:
Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO).

The gigantic GCHQ, CSE, NSA, Navy, Airforce, Army(?) server farms are not databases.  They are digital garbage bins.

Storing nonsense data at great cost is a total waste of money and resources and will not help catch any criminals - let alone supposed terrorists.  Spying on hundreds of millions of honest citizens is a total waste of time.  Reducing crime requires old fashioned police work - gumshoes pounding the pavement.  The online spying money can be much better spent on hiring and putting more Bobbies on the Beat.

It seems that nowadays public outcries don't help anymore and insanity is prevailing.

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