Saturday, July 30, 2016

Twin Otter

If you ever visit British Columbia in Canada, then do yourself a favour and take a sight seeing trip with Harbour Air.

They operate a large fleet of old and new De Havilland seaplanes flying out of lakes and harbours all over BC - providing a delightful experience.

In this older plane, an original De Havilland, circa 1970, the upgraded turbine engine has about 50% more power, which provides seemingly effortless take-off and landings, while the cockpit is a museum piece with some essential updates.  Note the fuel flow indicator hose at the top of the panel - the ultimate in low tech!

The planes are simple and reliable aluminium sheet metal constructions, supported by Viking Air, which is continuing the De Havilland mission.  Since 2010, Viking Air builds completely new Twin Otters.

Yours truly, in the co-pilot seat.
A view of Victoria, with the snowy peaks at Vancouver in the distance.

You can literally fly from downtown Victoria, to downtown Vancouver, have a meeting and fly back again, in less time than a one way trip with BC Ferries and it won't cost you much more either.

Have fun!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why Globalization Doesn't Work

One doesn't need to be a wizard to realize that when you take a large amount of wealth and divide it amongst four billion people, then nobody has anything.

Globalization is a form of Communism.  It didn't work in the USSR or China and it won't work for the whole world.

Recently, the Limeys voted to exit the EU - which confirms that although common sense isn't common, it usually prevails in the end.

The multi-national companies seem to be the only entities that profit from globalization.  The rise of these behemoths are amazing and appears to be a rerun of the two East India Companies, which became so big, they had their own governments, money and armed forces.  Eventually the corruption ran so deep that they became indistinguishable from their parent countries (Netherlands and UK) and it took major wars to get rid of them.  Maybe one day there will be a real war between Apple and Amazon, with Pepsico running away with the spoils and all restaurants will become Taco Bell?

It is economics 101 really:  Free trade benefits large international corporations, while trade barriers protect small national corporations.  Small businesses create employment.  Large companies destroy employment as they drive productivity up.  Therefore, ever increasing productivity is not necessarily a good thing - one has to find a happy medium.

Some sanity is returning to the USA now also it seems.  Let's see what Prez Trump will do.  I expect more trade barriers to go up and countries to become a little more insular, while employment and local innovation will improve.

Liberals are complaining that democracy is not working since people are not voting the way they want them to vote!

The pendulum is swinging...

Or not?
Exxon Mobil chief Rex Tillerson is so bad, they are paying him 180 Million Dollars to please leave and go work for Prez Trump.  At least, that is what it looks like to me.  Why do ExxonMobil shareholders put up with these hugely wasteful payments to self aggrandized executives?  Sue the board of directors!  Get your money back!

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