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Let There Be Light

I made a ceiling light fixture for my workshop ( it is supposed to be my garage ) from scrap wood.  Since LED lights do not get hot, one can do that without danger of burning the house down, but it would be a good idea to incorporate a 250 mA polyfuse in there for peace of mind.   The light of my life. To hide the ceiling house wires and chocolate block connector, I made a big hole in one block with a hole saw and glued it to another block.  The vertical stick is mortised into the ceiling block - rubbed some wax on it all and there we have a little Tinkertoy Chandelier.  I used bees wax, but good old boot polish will work as well and it comes in multiple shades. Cantilever Desk Lamp BTW, the easy/lazy way to make a rectangular mortise hole, is with a drill and a jigsaw.   You just slowly grind the wood away with the saw blade till you have a perfect fit.  A hammer and chisel does not work well on soft wood, no matter how sharp the chisel, while a jigsaw will happily chew up anything! I