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Hosts File Junk Filter for a Mac

Take out the trash, don't bring it home. There are always a small number of people who go out of their way to annoy everyone else.  The result is that state parks, lakes and beaches have much in common with the internet: There is a ton of trash everywhere you go. You could install an advertisement blocker on your web browser, but those things are usually also spyware in their own way, just less so, than an unprotected network. A Macintosh is a UNIX machine and it is actually very easy to block most trash on the internet.  Download one of the big hosts files that enumerate most trash sites and save it as file  /etc/hosts Here is a good one, provided by a kind soul: Instructions and explanations are in there if you are still a bit helpless about this. It contains lists like this: track.msadcenter.bvp