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Linux Network Manager Manual Commands

I have a love/hate relationship with the Linux NetworkManager daemon.  It usually works and keeps your laptop PC network connections going smoothly when you move around, but it gets in the way when one does network tests and system integration using a laptop PC. Each time you plug a cable in, or turn an embedded system off/on, NetworkManager restarts the connection and you can then lose your static IP address setting, which gets tiring really quickly in a lab setup. Usually, I completely disable NetworkManager and assign a static IP address to my machine on a laboratory bench with a script in /usr/local/bin called static : #! /bin/bash echo Configure network for PDLU access # Disable the Network Manager systemctl disable NetworkManager.service systemctl stop NetworkManager.service # Set static IP address ifconfig em1 netmask up # Set multi casting route route add -net netmask dev em1 # Open up the firewall iptables -F # Show setu

Free and Open Systems - Free and Open Minds

The power of marketing, advertising and glossy brochures subtly warp people's minds to wherever advertising Dollars go.  This affects Free and Open embedded operating system software as well.   Users visit a software company web site that showcases a new software feature and they don't realize that the " new feature" is 30 years old and exists in numerous other systems also .  Some people do not understand that there is a large corpus of almost identical operating systems known as UNIX-like or POSIX compatible operating systems and that they can use any one of them and port their software between them, without shedding too many tears. Embedded OS selection criteria should therefore not concentrate on perceived feature differences, but rather on availability:  Copyrights, Patents, Licensing and Export Permits . This is especially important in small countries which are subject to the political whims of the big five, who can make you wait indefinitely f