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RCS Calculations - Puma-EM on Ubuntu Linux

If you need to calculate the Radar Cross Section of something, then this installation guide for Puma-EM may help. You can get Puma-EM here: You may also need FreeCAD, Meshlab and GMSH or GiD, to prepare the mesh files: Note that the mesh size typically needs to be about Lamda/10, which at 10 GHz amounts to about 3 mm. Puma-EM on Ubuntu Linux ======================== To ensure that you have a fast system, do a minimal install of the Ubuntu server edition and then add LXDE to make it more usable. Get Ubuntu Server 14.04.2 LTS version here: Make a virtual machine: Create a new Virtualbox VDI VM for Ubuntu 64 bit Linux and a 20 GB dynamic disk. Select the LTS CD image in the Storage section of the VM settings and boot. Press Enter a few times to accept the defaults Make a user account: user /