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Aye Eye Bed-Time Story Generator

Machine Learning is used for various hard practical problems, such as the safe control of autonomous cars that have to navigate a cluttered and dynamic environment, without bumping off cyclists and running over old people trying to cross a village road.   There are also other more entertaining uses for it, such as the creation of bed-time stories for your grand children.  ( Yup, I'm that old.  I started learning programming FORTRAN on a Univac with punch cards, eh.  Now get of my pennisetum clandestinum... :). Go to OpenAI ChatGPT and make yourself a free account: Let the fun begin:   Write a short story for ten year olds. Scary government people created a video of a moon landing and will catch you if you deny it. Give the protagonist two buddies with distinctly different personalities. Result: Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Jack who loved watching the stars at night. He dreamed of one day becoming an astronaut and exploring t