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Debian Installation for Control Freaks

Installation of embedded systems present a unique circumstance, because one usually wants to create a system that can be replicated identically.  You may also have to save the whole repository in a Configuration Management system in order to keep strict control over the file versions, so you can do an update once a year or three. The Debian/Ubuntu installer typically starts from an ISO image on a CD or USB memory stick, but thereafter wants to go online to consult a mirror server somewhere else in the world.  The moment that happens, you lose control over what exactly is installed on your machine. Make a Bootable USB Stick For the last couple years, Ubuntu ISO files are dual mode - bootable on CD and USB, same as Red Hat. Download a server ISO from a mirror server, e.g. Yandex: Plug the stick in and check the device name with dmesg ! # dmesg Write it to a USB stick with Data Definition: # dd if=filename.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M W