Saturday, July 30, 2016

Twin Otter

If you ever visit British Columbia in Canada, then do yourself a favour and take a sight seeing trip with Harbour Air.

They operate a large fleet of old and new De Havilland seaplanes flying out of lakes and harbours all over BC - providing a delightful experience.

In this older plane, an original De Havilland, circa 1970, the upgraded turbine engine has about 50% more power, which provides seemingly effortless take-off and landings, while the cockpit is a museum piece with some essential updates.  Note the fuel flow indicator hose at the top of the panel - the ultimate in low tech!

The planes are simple and reliable aluminium sheet metal constructions, supported by Viking Air, which is continuing the De Havilland mission.  Since 2010, Viking Air builds completely new Twin Otters.

Yours truly, in the co-pilot seat.
A view of Victoria, with the snowy peaks at Vancouver in the distance.

You can literally fly from downtown Victoria, to downtown Vancouver, have a meeting and fly back again, in less time than a one way trip with BC Ferries and it won't cost you much more either.

Have fun!


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