Sunday, February 2, 2014

BBC TV Terrorists

Mr Cameron said that the GCHQ and NSA dragnets are very effective against fictional threats:

"David Cameron wants a fresh push after the next election to "modernise" laws to allow monitoring of people's online activity, after admitting there was little chance of progress before then.

The prime minister told a parliamentary committee that gathering communications data was "politically contentious" but vital to keep citizens safe.

He said TV crime dramas illustrated the value of monitoring mobile data."
-- BBC, 2 Feb 2014.

Fantastic.  We can all sleep well now, knowing that no BBC TV Terrorist will be able to attack us.

The dragnets are misguided IT job creation projects and should be stopped.  The money should be used for real life policing.  We need rubber pounding the pavement to track real criminals and would be terrorists.  

Fascist mass monitoring of law abiding citizens is a waste of time and resources.

It is sad how Mr Obama's 'Yes, we can' slogan became 'Because we can'.

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