Friday, April 12, 2013

Now on Google's Blogger

I have operated Linux web and mail servers since about 2000.  For many years, I used a couple of 1U Dell server machines on a business DSL connection in Calgary.  Eventually, I changed to a dedicated server in a data centre in Austin, in order to get better bandwidth, but the service wasn't really any better, it just cost more, so I changed back to a DSL setup for another few years.  It worked remarkably well, and I had an uptime of more than 4 years, when a PSU eventually failed and brought the system down for a few days.

About 4 years ago, I got another one of the infamous middle of the night head hunter phone calls from the other side of the globe and I set off to the UAE.  I then hastily moved my system to a data centre in Scottsdale.  It worked fine till about 3 days ago, when it suddenly fell over and the data centre proved to be rather incompetent, so I hastily moved my service to Google.

So, now Aeronetworks is on Blogger and I'm trying to figure out how to hook the blog pages to my domain name.  I think I just have to be patient now, to let the DNS propagate.   There is no way to rush a distributed system!

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