Friday, March 6, 2015

Travel with Computers

I used to think that one is safe against search and seizure of computers and phones at Canadian borders, but no more:

When I travel to the USA, I upload my encrypted data to a FTP server and take a Kindle with me.  The border guards can have fun with that all they like.   Now I'll have to do the same when I go home too - ridiculous.

I should be able to enter my own country without being harassed at the border!

I do think that sanity will prevail in the end, but until it does, rather mail/courier your computers and equipment to wherever you are going, or beg/buy/borrow something at your destination and travel light.

It is much the same as travel with medication - take the prescription with you and buy new medicine at your destination - and never, never, never take unidentifiable scary white powders with you.  Years ago, we had huge trouble in Paris because of a few tins of baby formula, so the stupidity is everywhere. Vive la difference....

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