Friday, June 6, 2014

Lies, damned lies and site statistics

Everyone who has to deal with computers, have to deal with the mess that is Windows from time to time.  My main beef with Windows is that one cannot fix it when it is broken and I don't like being beholden to an incompetent 3rd party.

Conventional wisdom says that Windows is used primarily by clueless home users and cheapskate businesses, while true card carrying computer geeks prefer some sort of UNIX.  A year ago, that was true and my site visitors always were about 70% Windows.

Lately, my site visit statistics show some interesting trends though.  During the week the visitors are 40% Macs, while during the weekend, it is 40% Linux.

Could it be that both corporate and home users are smartening up and are abandoning Windows in favour of Mac and Linux?

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