Thursday, May 29, 2014

RIP Truecrypt

Truecrypt is no more.  Another victim of a national security letter or a visit by a man in black? Quite possibly.   Unfortunately FreeOTFE was also leaned on and had to shut down - the funny thing being that some government departments were using it!  I would have loved to hear Pamela Jones' view on these goings on, but she has been leaned on too and had to close down Groklaw a long time ago already.

If you were using TC before, then you should switch to LUKS, GPG or EncFS.  Note that LUKS can mount TC volumes.  If you are using Windows, then you are screwed anyway no matter what you do, so then you can just as well use Bitlocker as suggested by the TrueCrypt folks.

If you want to do any sort of security related IT work, then you should set up shop outside the USA. Fortunately Blackphone had the good sense to move to Switzerland already. 

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