Saturday, September 28, 2013


The Church of Global Warming alarmists are getting really desperate.  They are now claiming with 95% certainty that human produced CO2 is causing catastrophic global warming and that it must be stopped at all costs, otherwise the sky will fall on our heads tomorrow.  Humanity needs to extinguish all organic power stations and go back to shivering in caves to prevent further warming...

Warming, What Warming?

Unfortunately for the alarmists, reality just flat out refuses to play ball and back them up.  For the past 15 years, despite us having emitted massively more organic gasses than ever before, the earth simply refused to warm up.  How many more years of contradicting data will it take to make the Church of Global Warming prophets admit that their computer models are maybe just a wee little bit off kilter?  Could it be that there are lots of green things out there that love to breathe CO2?

Global Cooling

Anyone over 50 is old enough to remember their predecessor, the Church of Global Cooling of the 1970s.  Their prophesies didn't come true either and amusingly, some of the prophets of the modern church were in the older one - professional firebrand preachers: Repent, repent, the end is nigh...

Moreover, global warming is a good thing.  More warming will open up the northern tundra to farming. Russia and Canada will benefit and in the extreme, even Antarctica may be livable one day. Global cooling however, can be a real show stopper - freezing over the northern areas will cause famine and starvation on a massive scale.

Fire In The Hole!

All I can say is that some 20,000 years ago, those cave men must have lit enormous bon fires in their caves to bring an end to the last ice age, so going back to living in caves may not do it...

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