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Linux Security Cameras

Security Camera Management Programs There are two decent Linux programs for managing security cameras: Motion and ZoneMinder . For test purposes, I set a camera up inside my living room.  Once working, I'll install two outside, to watch the driveway and backyard.   Streaming Camera with Fish Eye Lens Motion is the simpler one of the two programs, but with almost 300 configurable options, it can do anything worth doing.  It works just as well as ZoneMinder , but it simply doesn't do things that are not needed.  For example, Motion supports a database, but Linux filesystem storage is usually good enough.  It doesn't have a fancy GUI, since it is intended to run on a server, stashed on a shelf in a dark corner.  There is a GUI which can be accessed with a web browser locally, or over the LAN, but I never used it.  One can also view real-time streams with a web browser.  Notifications can be sent and files uploaded to another machine with external programs such as mutt , wput