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Scattering - RCS calculation with NEC2

Would you like to know the scattering Radar Cross Section (RCS) of your RC or UAV quadcopter toy?  If you are a Real, Card Carrying Geek, then of course you would... The Boeing RAH-66 Was Designed for Low RCS I have done some more work on this problem and decided to revisit this article, so if you think you have seen it before, keep reading.  Search Radar Two types of radar need to be considered. Long range over the horizon radar is used to tell whether there is an aircraft and where it is heading. Short range targeting radar is used to track an aircraft and direct an anti-aircraft gun or missile. The Radio Frequency modelling of the aircraft skin is done using a vast number of triangles, called a surface wire frame, or a mesh.  The maximum size of the triangle wires, need to be <1/10th of a radar wave length.  A computer program then calculates the interaction of every wire, with every other wire, iterated over the whole skin - a tremendous computing intensive pro