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Copy a Linux ISO image to a USB nurgle on a Mac

On a Mac, a simple thing such as copying an ISO file to a USB nurgle, is not necessarily simple, due to the helpful automounter.  Get a Linux ISO image over here:     Open a terminal, then do the following See which disks are on the machine: $ diskutil list Insert the USB nurgle, to see the disk node (Likely /dev/disk2 - NEVER disk1!!! ): $ diskutil list Unmount the nurgle: $ diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskN Copy the ISO file to the USB nurgle: $ sudo dd if=/path-to.iso of=/dev/diskN bs=1m Once completed: $ diskutil eject /dev/diskN Caution Please note that writing to /dev/disk1 will very likely be extremely disappointing, so rather don't.  Eh? What is a nurgle ???  It is Aussie for a widget, a thingummabob, a whatchammacallit, a whassisname, or a hoosammawhatsit - a very versatile word to add to your technojargon vocabulary. La voila! Herman