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T'is The Season of Blinky Lights

I like to play with old fashioned neon tubes.  They make a soft and friendly mystical glow and are especially good for a night light, so you don't fall down the stairs. Seven of Nine More here:  Olde Skool Blinken Lights ...and for really, really slow blinky lights, see the VASCO project at Have fun! Herman

Glue Pull Dent Removal

My little Dustbin suffered a parking garage bump from a much bigger SUV with a bumper above the level of mine - dunno who dunnit.  To pass the yearly road safety inspection, all crash damage must be repaired, but the law doesn't say anything about the quality of the repair... Since I didn't want to spend money on an old clunker, I yanked the dent out with hot glue and dowel rods.  This works, because modern paint adheres extremely well to the metal.  It really doesn't come off easily. There are many videos on Yootoob about no repaint hot glue dent pulling.  Everyone wants you to buy their fancy tools and special glue.  You don't really need any of that and prolly have everything you need in your tool box already.  I recommend watching a couple of those videos before you start, to give you some ideas. I know how to do serious body work, I can weld anything that will melt and spray paint whatever needs paint, but where I live now, I don't have the tools - or th