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Olde Fashioned Clay Shooting

After several years wandering in the Arabian desert, we are heading home to Canada, via Europe.  Thanks to Covid19 we cannot travel as easily as we want now, but with the shift in location, my hobbies can shift to something more green and less dusty (!?).  At long last, my Slovak permanent resident visa application is in progress with the Foreigner Police. Since I'm an ex-army officer, I sometimes enjoy making a big noise with guns and other toys and have the bad hearing and tinnitus to show for it.   The tinnitus is thanks to Oerlikon Contraves 35 mm AA guns and radars - very noisy things with a high firing rate and lots of fun on a large gun range. Three double barrel guns, firing at an airborne target at hundreds of rounds per second, is the ultimate in skeet shooting.  I was workshop officer of a maintenance facility for a while and since then I worked with helicopters...  Ear muffs are for sissies right? RIGHT!?  - A bit too late now... The road less traveled may be more fun