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Mac, Linux or BSD

The eternal question : Which is better - EMACS or Vi? OK, this post is actually about the other eternal question! As I use Linux, Mac, Open and Free BSD (Yes, and that other ball of wax too...), I think I can answer objectively: Both OpenBSD and FreeBSD are reasonably easy to download, install and run on pretty much anything. At least, I have not found a server/desktop/laptop computer that it would not run on.  I even ran OpenBSD on a Sparc Station - remember those? OpenBSD Theo De Raadt has a ' cut the nonsense ' mentality so OpenBSD is simpler, with a smaller repository of programs, about 30,000 packages. However, with a little effort, you can install FreeBSD software on OpenBSD to get the rest. After a few days of use, you will know how. The best OpenBSD book is Absolute OpenBSD: UNIX for the Practical Paranoid. In general, OpenBSD feels a lot like Slackware Linux: Simple and very fast. FreeBSD FreeBSD can also with some effort, run Linux programs

Compile The Latest Gstreamer From GIT

Compile The Latest gstreamer 1.15 on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS While working on a way to embed Key Length Value (KLV) metadata in a MPEG-2 TS video stream , I found that ffmpeg can copy and extract KLV, but cannot insert it.  There were some indications that the latest gstreamer has something under development, so I had to figure out how to compile gstreamer from the GIT repository, to get the latest mpegtsmux features. The cryptic official gstreamer compile guide is here: As usual, the best way to do development work is on a virtual machine, so that you don't mess up your host.  I use Oracle Virtualbox on a Macbook Pro.  I downloaded Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS Server, made a 64 bit Virtualbox machine and installed the XFCE desktop, to get a light weight system that runs smoothly in a virtual environment. The problem with the cryptic official guide is that it probably works on the mach