Sunday, October 20, 2019

It's The Final Count Down...

The Twelve Years of Doom
In a couple decades, will we look back at the present climate scare and laugh, or will we all be extinct in 12 years? Not 11, not 13, exactly 12 years.

It is probably wise to be a sceptic, or a just a realist, but clearly, many people find it much more fun to be alarmist.

The recent new(?) Corona virus finally caused some relief from the Global Warming Alarmists, by giving everyone something even worse to worry about.  People are not used to getting sick anymore.

In years gone by, Smallpox periodically killed anywhere between 30% to 90% of everyone in a community - in each outbreak, tens of millions of people died.  Nowadays, about 1 million people die from Malaria each year.   Influenza kills about hundred thousand per year and now we are all going crazy over a few thousand deaths from a lung infection.

What to do?  Wash your hands regularly.

The Venice mayor said the city is flooding due to climate change:

Venice - Flooded

Oops, sorry, that was low tide...

Venice - Hung out to dry
Err... Which is it now?

The city of Venice is sinking into the muck at a rate of 200 mm per century - 14 centuries ago, when the cathedral was built, it was 2.8 meters higher than it is today and this 1.8 meter flood would have been 1 meter below St Marc's square.  Eventually Venice will be destroyed, so do visit it while it is still there, but the real reason for the sinking is geological plate tectonics - ditto for New Orleans.

Do you remember the pictures of the poor starving polar bears due to Global Warming?

Churchill now has a polar bear jail, due to the bear population explosion:

What happened to Global Cooling?

Ewing and Dunn worried about the next Ice Age:



We will probably eventually have an ice age, since they seem to happen every 20,000 years or so (due to the earth wobbling and the sun pulsing a tiny little bit).  It will destroy the whole planet, but I'm not going to worry about it.

David Suzuki is a Bio-Tech Sceptic and a Global Warming Alarmist:

His daughter (a.k.a. Greta T the 1st) agreed with him on most things:

On the whole, global warming is much better than global cooling and another ice age.   Beach front property in Canada and Russia may become very popular thanks to global warming.  You should buy a plot now in Innuvik or Yakkutsk before everyone else clues in and prices go up! 

In contrast, an ice age will erase all traces of mankind from the planet.

Heat Trapping Trace Gases
If CO2, which is all of 0.0004 (Zero for all practical purposes) of the atmosphere, is such a fantastic greenhouse gas, then it should be brilliant as an insulator between double glazing, right?

Err... nope... not exactly:

The Extinction Crisis:

Dozens of species are going extinct every day!

Err... that is, 14 so far this century - almost one per year:

…and Panicky little Greta Thunberg?

At least, there are no hair dressers or fashionistas behind her.  It is just her mother exploiting the poor girl and pushing her alarmist books.

Tony Heller says Don't Panic.  His video is really worth watching:

Well, it feels fine outside to me and I live in the desert, so, please stop scaring the children.

Tomorrow and 20 years from now, we will be fine!

Have fun,


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