Monday, September 24, 2018

Tactical UAV Communications

Jan 2021: Note that my FTP server is down at the moment - I'm moving country again.


I started to write a book on Tactical UAV Communications and Mission Systems.  The book seems to have a life of its own and it grows in fits and starts.  It is based on my own experience working on very expensive toys in various shapes and sizes, fixed and rotary wing, in multiple places around the globe.

Sokol Altius

The few aircraft and other pictures in the book are all of UAVs and equipment that I didn't work on, since I am not allowed to show you anything that I actually did!  These pictures serve as illustrations for educational purposes only and provide a little free advertisement to the companies concerned.

Some chapters in the book are based on articles that were already published on this web site, while others are new.

Here is an early PDF copy for those who are interested: UAV-Comms.pdf

I moved the latest copy to a Linode nano server running Slackware Linux, which works a whole lot better than the previous FTP server, but the book formatting is a bit rough.  I write it with Mac Pages and it is annoyingly bad with keeping pictures and their headings together.

The latest update (27 June 2019) of Pages claims that one can now create a text box and then put a picture and text inside the box and then they will actually be kept together.  I'll sure try it - I do hope that after a 100 odd years of trying Apple finally got it right...

La voila!


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